Is there Glory in Not Winning?

Is there truth to what coach Bill Courtney says to his players in the Oscar-winning documentary, Undefeated, “The measure of a man’s character is not determined by how he handles his wins, but how he handles his failures.”  In an insightful article, on Positve Coaching Alliance, Jack Bowen, shares the merits of losses and wins.

The tales he weaves around the winners and non-winners at the Olympics is worth the short read.  Not to mention, some of his insights like:

  •  ” Winners and non-winners can each borrow a little something from the other in their experiences of wins and losses.  The winner can reflect on the game and seek areas for improvement, as the perfectly played contest has yet to be achieved.  And the losers can take solace in the process of the game, allowing the character building to run its course.  The only way to achieve the personal growth from such instances is to be fully conscious of it all.”
  • Given that the majority of teams and athletes end up as non-winners (euphemistically speaking), this whole sporting endeavor must, then, be about process, about journey, and not about the objective of winning.
  • “So, yes, to the victor go some of the spoils, but not all of them.  It just might be that to the loser go some pretty good spoils as well, which works out nicely for all athletes, Olympic or not.”

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