A Moment in the Life of Future Stars’ Campers

Welcome to “2019 Camper Moments”!  Every Wednesday, you will meet campers from a variety of camps at Purchase.  Please contact us with any requests to know more about Future Stars Camps at: purchase@fscamps.com


Meet Xavier, this is his second year at Future Stars Camps.  Xavier will be having a fun summer at Circus Arts camp.

Farah:  How old were you when you started at Future Stars Camps?

Xavier:   When I first came to Future Stars Camps, I was 7 years old and I am 9 now.  My sister also comes and she is in Softball camp.

Farah: What are some of the things that interest you?

Xavier:  Soccer and circus. I love to unicycle.

Farah: What are your favorite television shows?

Xavier:   I don’t really have a favorite. I watch a lot of tv.

Farah:  Who is your favorite athlete?

Xavier:  Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, and Alex Morgan.


Farah:  What’s your favorite food?

Xavier:  I’d have to say meatballs.

Farah:  Do you have a pet?

Xavier:  Yes, I have 2 cats, Violet and Varuka. When they groom each other they start to fight.

Farah: What grade are you in?

Xavier:  4th going into 5th and I most enjoy recess or lunch!

Farah: What are you most looking forward to this summer at camp?

Xavier:   I look forward to everything! Just having fun!

Farah:  What is your favorite memory from camp?

Xavier:  Throwing pies at each other!   Last year, we made shaving cream pies and had a whole pie day!

Farah:  It was fun meeting you Xavier and I will remember to duck when I see you on ‘Pie Day’!


For more information about the Circus Arts program at Purchase, or to enroll, visit our Circus Arts Camp page, today.

Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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