Plan Your End of the Season Celebration Now

Every season, no matter what the stats or outcome merits a celebration.  Time spent by coaches and players alike, team bonding and bolstering of skills, the camaraderie of the team,  deserve time set aside to revel in individual and team accomplishments beyond the scores.  To put together a fun gathering, USA Football recommends these 5 ideas:

  1. Finding the time to get everyone all together will be a chore – most everyone will be there for the final game, so consider planning your party for that day.
  2. See if a parent will volunteer their home and everyone else can share in buying the party goodies.
  3. Have a picnic at a local park and bring your own picnic baskets, side dishes and desserts to share.
  4. Consider celebrating at a local football game and have a tail gate party.
  5. Locate a favorite restaurant in the area that is easily accessible and has the space.

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