Playing Field Hockey on Natural Grass?

Play Sports TV shares some tips from Sharon Pfluger, The College of New Jersey field hockey coach  on how to play field hockey on natural grass versus synthetic turf, as there is a difference.

Playing on natural grass:

  • is usually slower because of the friction in the grass itself and requires players to plan on the go as the ball may not end up where it was intended to go
  • there are bumps and divots in the field
  • the small ball is harder to control and can have an odd bounce on natural grass

“So it’s important for players to practice stickhandling, dribbling and passing drills on grass fields to get a feel for moving their stick around and handling any lift with the ball. You wind up pushing the ball harder on a grass field, says Coach Pfluger.”

Playing on artificial turf:

  • players can pre-think a move, as you can more accurately know where a ball will go
  • artificial turf allows the ball to have a truer roll as there are no divots or bumps

Knowing the differences between natural grass and artificial turf can prepare players to play their best on both types of fields.

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Image Credit:  Deposit Photos

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