What is Running Back IQ?

If you’re interesting in being the running back of your team, you must feel confident in your speed, footwork and agility, and you’ve considered your size and strength.  Into that equation, according to Kamal Walker of CoachUp Nation, you should also assess your running back IQ.

Running back IQ is simply the ability to make quick concise decisions on the field.  Listed below are some of the snap judgments that you will have to make as the running back:

  • anticipation – meaning the ability to assess what the defense will be doing before they make their play so that you are ready to execute yours
  • patience – nurture your patience to wait and find the best opening or create the best opening and then sprint your way through
  • going down – cultivate your ability to know when you should go down and prevent serious injury and fumbles that can cost points or even the game

There is a lot to learn and practice to become a good running back.

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