Do Sports Build Character?

John D. Rich, Jr., Ph.d., Psychology Today, shares some interesting insights based on a recent article in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.   Which supports that “Character does seem to be based on foundations that are built in the early ages and participation in sports seems to bring out the best in children with good character.”

John shares that when young children play sports, they play for fun in a supportive environment that is very encouraging and often filled with praise.  Most often, no score is kept and every child has a chance to play.  Children are encouraged to try different positions that are not based on skill level but rather for the opportunity of trying something new and different.  Children are often acknowledged for doing their best and trying.

“In the field of education this kind of learning environment is called scaffolding.  Scaffolding happens when you take a child at their current level of ability, and then you guide them through the effort of attempting something that is just above that level. With scaffolding, coaches, educators, and parents are looking to increase the chances that a child will succeed, but also want the success that they achieve to feel like an actual accomplishment.”

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