Can the Bat be Dead?

Just.Bats.com shares questions to help you figure out, if it is your bat that is affecting your hitting stats.  Of course, you realize that it’s best for the bat expert to see it, use it, and test it, but you can start off with these 8 questions:

  1. Are there any cracks or dents?
  2. Are you hearing a strange sound?
  3. Do your hands sting when you hit a sweet spot?
  4. Has the performance or pop of the bat declined recently?
  5. Is the handle getting pushed up into the barrel?
  6. Has your knob fallen off or the end cap popped out?
  7. Are you applying proper preventive care?
  8. Do you have access to a compression test?

For more detailed information:    Is My Bat Dead?


Swimmers Should Train on Dryland

It’s not always possible to train in a pool and it is important to workout when you are not swimming, this training can be called dryland training.  Stretching and strengthening the muscles you use during swimming is very important.  CoachUp Nation shares some of their certified exercises that work your core, arms and legs when you are on dry land:

  1. squats
  2. flutter kicks
  3. planks
  4. jumprope
  5. medicine ball
  6. huddle up

See Dryland Workouts For Swimmers for detailed instructions.


The Synergy of Sports and Entrepreneurial Skills

See how confidence, passion, single-mindedness, leadership and resilience, some of the things that you develop while growing as a sports athlete can help you to be a successful entrepreneur.  Angela Huckles, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist for US Soccer, and Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowerment Through Sport shares the report presented by espnW and Ernst & Young on May 3, 2017 at an espnW event in Chicago.

Five Strong Entrepreneurial Traits of Female Athletes


Parenting Rules With Wiggle Room

Janis Meredith of USA Football suggests that some parenting rules can have some wiggle room.  Parents can sometimes let down their guard in certain areas and at intermittent times.  These malleable rules could be:

  • Don’t push your kids – a gentle push in the right direction can be helpful at times
  • Kids need rest – an occasional late night especially over the summer just opens the door for a family adventure
  • Stay away from junk food – if the family follows a healthy regimen, a sweet treat once in a while won’t derail your healthy lifestyle
  • Don’t let your kids become couch potatoes – everyone needs some downtime as long as it’s not habitual
  • Don’t let your kids see you sweat – check in the mirror – you are human, it’s okay for your kids to see you upset and most importantly to see how you work things out
  • Don’t talk to the coach – when it comes to safety or moral issues, it’s okay for you to stand by your child

There are some rules that shouldn’t be crossed – your family can discuss those together.  Read and find out more:  6 rules of parenting that sometimes can be broken



Improving Your Basketball Workout

Even Tyler Gaffaney of CoachUp Nation admits that he has gotten caught up in just “shooting around” and considering that time spent as part of his basketball workout.  Make the most out of your time at the gym and follow these tips to maximize your basketball workouts:

  1. Create a workout plan for each session that includes drills, reps and rest times
  2. Workout early in the day
  3. Do your least liked drills first
  4. Have a healthy glucose snack
  5. Develop a workout habit

For more details:  5 Tips to Avoid “Shooting Around” Syndrome

Breakfast with coffee, orange juice, croissant, egg, vegetables and fruits

Food Is More Than Fuel

What and when you eat is important for athletes and non-athletes alike. Nancy Clark, internationally known sports nutritionist, shares a comprehensive nutritional plan for you to consider and try out to keep you active now and for years to come.  Nancy uses the American Heart Association statement to help guide you into thinking about how to eat intentionally.  And yes, if breakfast is still not your most important meal of the day, you need to rethink that!

Read more on mom’s Team: Meal timing, Does It Matter When You Eat?

How Are Your Layups?

This easy to follow step-by-step video can help you to improve your beginner layup skills and style.  Watch it and perhaps you will learn something new. Remember practicing often and consistently is key.


Need a Boost to Start Training?

It’s never too late to start training – summer camp is just days away.  CoachUp Nation has simple tips to get you motivated to create your training workout plan:

  • Know and share your objective – embracing your reason for exercise motivates you and sharing it offers family and friends a chance to support and cheer you on
  • Set realistic goals and be patient for results
  • Spend time creating a plan and/or hire a personal coach to get you started
  • Always remember to reward yourself

For more details:  Motivation: 4 Tips on How to Start Training


Lucky Tennis Shots?

Have you got 3 minutes to see some of WTA’s luckiest tennis shots?  If you play tennis and you practice – practice – practice – you may feel that the word luck just doesn’t encompass all the hard work, passion and dedication that you put in to your tennis regimen year after year.  You have to see these shots for yourself and decide, if it is just luck, talent, sheer perseverance or a combination of all three and some.


Exposure to College

The Psychology Today article, Nudges in the Wild: Merely Exposing Children to College is apropos as many of Future Stars Summer Camps are on college campuses.  Ross E. O’Hara, PhD notes that, “One of the most robust findings in psychology is the mere exposure effect, which is our tendency to feel positively toward novel stimuli after even subliminal exposure. In other words, we like something better if it’s even remotely familiar to us.”

So here is an added plus to enroll your child at Future Stars Camps outside of all the great opportunities, we already provide.   Exposure to sports on a college campus from an early age could make a positive lasting impact.  So much so, that many public and charter school districts start as early as elementary school to expose the students to thinking about college – hoping that they will enroll in college when the time comes.  Take this opportunity to make your child’s summer experiences longer lasting and extra special than they already are.

Enroll today.