Swimmers, Are You Incorporating Swim-Specific Strength Based Training?

Over the years, multiple studies reveal that proper strength and conditioning boosts the potential for increased performance in sports.  Swimmers, you know strength based training is great for all athletes in every sport, but did you realize that there are techniques for swim-specific strength based training?  Here are some of the the benefits of strength based training for swimmers that Swim Swam shared:

  • helps to prevent injuries –  a good strength training program is good for “fortifying the skeletomuscular system by increasing it’s resiliency to imposed demand will greatly affect the body’s ability to prevent injury before it happens.”
  • improves reaction time and coordination – having a good dryland program is good for “increasing the general coordination and overall functionality of their body.  Not only does acclimating an athletes overall body awareness help them in other aspects of life but will increase their central nervous system’s ability to adapt and learn new techniques in the water essentially making them a better swimmer.”
  • better starts and finishes –  a solid strength training component for swimmers reinforces the “ability to produce enough power to extend your entry point into the water and be quick in and out of the first turn, which is hugely dependent on your overall mobility and strength. Increased strength and power will improve upon those few variables (reaction/coordination).”


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Image Credit:  Future Stars Camps

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