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STEAM Summer Camp

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Education Camp features MakeInspires’ unique and original experiences that turn inspiration into life changing talents.

Future Stars’ partnership with MakeInspires combines to create the ultimate STEAM Camp experience utilizing technology to develop and create works of art while learning new skills.

STEAM Education

Ages: 7-16

Dates: June 24 - Aug 23
9 Weekly Sessions

Times: 9am - 4pm
Extended Hours Available



9am Daily Orientation

9:15 am STEAM Session 1

10:45 am STEAM Session 2

11:50 am Lunch/Field Play

12:50 pm Recreational Swim period

1:45 pm STEAM Session 3

3:30 pm Daily Review

3.45 pm Departure

Typical Day activities, sports & times are subject to change


  • 3D Design and Printing
  • Coding
  • Game Design
  • Animation
  • Circuit Adventures
  • Programming
  • Minecraft
  • Robotics


  • Air conditioned classrooms
  • Smart boards & Computers
  • fields for outdoor play & recreation
  • Gaga pits
  • basketball courts
  • tennis courts
  • Indoor pool for daily swim
  • outdoor water slide.

Future Stars Core STEAM Camp

Campers have the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects each week. They can choose which subject(s) they want to focus on: 

  • 3D Design & Printing
  • Design & Engineering
  • Creating Video Games with Scratch & MakeCode 
  • Architecture & Coding with Minecraft Education
  • Robotics
  • Circuit Adventures
  • Stop Motion Animation & Filmmaking   

This update in the program and our revamped classroom provides a collaborative Makerspace environment where campers get to try new things, inspire each other and combine skills. Returning campers will be able to advance their skills in their favorite subjects with instructor guidance, explore any subjects they did not previously and come up with more ways to combine them. For example, campers who learn about Stop Motion Animation and 3D Design & Printing can apply the skills needed to create their own props and characters!

CORE STEAM Subjects:

Coding & Game Design with Scratch & MakeCode
Learn how to create old-school and new-school 2D Video Games in this fun and educational subject! After being shown how to create a few simple games, each camper creates original games!. Using code and loops to create games requires one to think outside the box to accomplish the game’s intent giving us a glimpse into how complicated commercial games are to develop. Scratch and MakeCode are block based programming languages making it easy and fun for beginners and experienced coders to create games, interactive stories and more.

Advanced Coding & Game Design with Scratch
So you're a Scratch Coding Pro? This week campers with Scratch experience are challenged to create advanced and complex games with guidance from teachers. This takes problem solving skills and creativity to a new level by introducing advanced Scratch concepts like gravity, 3d structures, broadcasting and cloning. Wih a better understanding of these skills more campers are capable of making amazing games they can play with friends and family!

Stop Motion Animation & Filmmaking
Experience the amazing world of Stop Motion Animation and Real Action Filmmaking! Stop motion is an interesting art and labor of love - By creating a scene and moving objects and characters slightly between each photo, one combines the photos to make moving images, a movie! Using Lego, puppets, and basically anything else, campers will create original stories told through stop motion. Campers will also learn how television and movie production works through real action filmmaking. It takes a team to create a film and campers will experience first hand the steps and teamwork required to make a parody commercial, music video, news broadcast and short film.

Architecture with Minecraft
Minecraft is a world many kids are familiar with, but this is not your Minecraft available at home! With the help of a custom world MakeInspires created students explore and build different styles of architecture including Roman, Greek, Contemporary, Brutalist and more! Minecraft Architecture Students learn about influential architects such as Ictinus, Frank Lloyd Wright, Zaha Hadid and others.

Minecraft Coding
Campers learn how to create a specific type of helper in Minecraft to assist them with accomplishing a series of challenges! This helper can be sent off on a task, returning items to you and more… Through Game-based learning campers problem solve, learn patience and the core foundation of computer programming – Logic. Logic circuits are used to perform all the internal operations of a computer. This is not your average Minecraft, campers will have fun exploring new aspects of Minecraft while learning computer logic and more.

Circuit Adventures
Circuits are closed loops through which electrons, also known as electricity, travels. Circuits are used in devices all around us, from light switches to toasters to computers, and even cars! In this week campers are guided through the specific elements of circuits while developing an understanding of key electricity concepts, such as voltage, resistors, batteries and more. Create your own paper circuit art and robot and watch your creation come to life with electricity! Campers use a variety of tools and equipment this week including littleBits, copper tape, LEDs, motors and more!

3D Design & Printing with TinkerCAD
Experience a still-emerging technology, 3D Printing! It all starts with a design to print, we learn how to use a Computer Aided Design program called TinkerCAD. TinkerCAD is the little sibling to AutoCAD, a program used by professional engineers and architects. Start by creating a house, a future home to lunar dwellings. Then work to master 3D design skills by creating a product, toy or model and much more!

Exploring their creativity students produce anything from recreations of their favorite droid to a stand for their tablet, whatever their minds can come up with! Each student will receive one print for each day. 3D Prints take hours to complete so the first prints will be available within the same week with the remainders available for pickup at camp the following week.

Robotics with Cubelets, Dash & Dot and Mbots & Sphero Indi
The most unique, knowledgeable and fun dive into robots! Campers learn to control Cubelets, Ozobot, Dash & Dot and Sphero Indi Robotics through various sensors, components and coding. No prior coding experience necessary. Cubelets are robot blocks that make it fast and easy to make your own robot! There’s no wrong way to build with Cubelets, so it is remarkably easy to transform these blocks into brilliant robots!

Ozobots are amazingly small and smart robots able to be coded through colored lines! Dash & Dot respond to voice, navigates objects, dances, and sings! For campers with robotics experience, we'll be using the more advanced, complicated features found in the mBot Robots! Mbot is a robot one must build and code to run successfully. Able to be coded with block based programming as well as Java and Python, this robot gives campers experience with languages common in schools, colleges and in the working world! Counselors will provide fun and clever challenges the campers will overcome with their robot friends! Last, but not least, Sphero Indi robots are powerful tiny robots able to be coded through color sensors on the bottom!

Design & Engineering
Campers explore how design and engineering are all around us, everything that is human made is designed and engineered… How does one go about designing products, buildings, vehicles and more? When does engineering become important, and what role does it play?

Campers will use various methods to explore and answer these questions, including 3d design and printing, model building, structural testing and more! Campers love our “shake table” that re-creates earthquakes to study how changes in engineering can make the building stay put!

Junior Builders
Junior Builders challenges campers to build models of bridges, planes, boats and more! Campers learn about building materials, such as cardboard, Legos, up-cycling materials and how to creatively construct their projects using design based thinking. How much weight can your boat hold before sinking? How tall can your building grow? Inspire, learn and create with this hands-on STEAM week!

Science Rocks
Science Rocks sparks the interest of campers through fun and educational experiments! Ranging from balloon rockets to making lightning, campers learn about surface tension, matter, exothermic reactions, acids, bases, catalysts and more! Campers complete a series of experiments including charging light bulbs and “magically” lifting ice cubes – fostering excitement, curiosity and interest in science and chemistry.

Advanced STEAM Education Camps  *additional material fees apply*


Wearable & Fashion Technology (Additional $49) - July 1-5  ~ Ages 11-16
Technology, programming, and sustainable design meet your wardrobe in this highly anticipated week! Utilizes 3d printing, bioplastics, microcontrollers, programming and more to custom-produce wearable art and apparel. Technology is often shaping the future of fashion and these techniques and tech are pushing boundaries in this field and many others such as health and wellbeing.

Rube Goldberg Machine (Additional $49) - July 8-12  ~ Ages 11-16
Rube Goldberg was a cartoonish most known for his whacky, complex machine drawings. The machines accomplished a very simple task through very complicated, often amusing, means. This week campers will design, build, test and complete their own Rube Goldberg Machines! We will have a room full of materials to accomplish our unique machines, everything from arts and crafts, to recyclables, electronics, marbles and much more! Campers take home their amazing inventions!

Woodshop (Additional $149) - July 15-19  ~ Ages 11-16
Campers will learn shop safety, tool training, and will build both small and large projects in this action-packed week of tinkering. Campers experience cutting wood, using power drills, small lathes and more. All projects are take home and this week includes a $99 power tool set!

Arduino Inventing (Additional $89) - July 22-26 ~ Ages 13-16
Arduinos are Microcontrollers, small inexpensive computers ($25-$35) one can use to build almost any electronic invention! They sense and control more of the physical world than your normal desktop computer. For example, they can be programmed to recognize the sound of a knock at the front door and then unlatch the lock.

Arduino can also be used to develop interactive objects, like a light that turns on and off in response to a hand being waved in front of a sensor making it the perfect tool make your tech projects come to life! These small computers require proper coding and wiring to work. Campers receive their own Arduino kit, code and build their creations to take home, complete with an Arduino Microcontroller, case, LEDS, servo, motor, sensors and more!

FPV Drone Racing (Additional $399) ~ July 29 - Aug 2 Ages 13-16
Drones are becoming more and more popular, it's even become a sport! This week campers learn how quadcopter drones work, how to fly and repair them. These drones are special indoor racing drones capable of broadcasting video to a headset. FPV stands for first person view, that means campers will have a view from the copter as it flies! Each camper receives a drone, remote and headset to take home after the week's use. 

Build Your Own PC (Additional $499, $699, or $999)  Aug 12-16 ~ Ages 13-16
See how Personal Computers work first hand by constructing your own! Campers are guided through building a computer from scratch, a mother board, case, hard drive, ram and other components! After it's built we have to upload the proper operating system and drivers to make it work.

Choose from three options: $499 Workstation, $699 Gaming Computer, $999 Pro Gaming Computer 


Our state-of-the-art facilities include a brand-new lighted turf baseball complex, a new lighted turf football/soccer field, a NCAA regulation softball field, and several full-size soccer fields. Additionally, there are acres of training fields expertly maintained. 14 deco tennis courts (6 lighted) for our tennis camp, 3 full indoor, and 3 outdoor basketball courts.

The indoor facilities utilized include the swimming pool, diving well with 3-meter and 1-meter boards, aerobics studios, locker rooms, performance center, analysis rooms, 3 air conditioned gymnasiums, racquetball/squash courts, and more! 

In addition to the grounds, we utilize program-specific training equipment for each program (i.e. trampolines with harnesses, batting cages and pitching machines, sport-specific target training, radar gun, video, and much more).


Jordan Snider 

Director of Operations and Director for Purchase College since 1993

Jordan has also seen the camps from the perspective of being a camper when growing up. He graduated from Rollins College with a BA in Psychology and also has an MBA from the Stern School of Business, NYU. Jordan’s college tennis team won an NCAA National Tennis Championship during his tenure and was always top 4 in the nation.
Currently Jordan is Head Tennis Coach at Purchase College where he was named 2019 Conference Co-Coach of the Year. Additionally, he is President of Briarcliff Youth Soccer Club and has coached youth soccer, basketball, and baseball. Jordan met his wife Julie at Future Stars many years ago. Now their children, Emily and Eli, join Jordan at camp each summer soaking up all that the camp has to offer. 

James Oates

Assistant Site Director

James played collegiate soccer at Rutgers University before moving back to England and graduating from York St. John University with a degree in Sports Studies and Psychology. Shortly thereafter he completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Durham University and became a qualified Physical Education teacher. James worked for 7 years as Head of Physical Education at Durham Sports College & Sixth Form Centre before moving to New York with his wife Erica. He then spent 6 years in NYC working at the Hewitt School as Chair of the PE department.

James has coached numerous soccer teams throughout Westchester and is currently the Assistant Women's Soccer Coach at Purchase College. 



Group Leaders

Group Leaders, typically post-graduate educators, are responsible for supervision, instruction, and implementation of everyday activities on and off the field, court, classroom, etc.

Head Counselors 

Head Counselors, usually post-graduate or collegiate student athletes, assist the Group Leader in making sure campers are engaged, following curriculum and program directives, interacting, interrelating, and having a great summer experience enjoying personal growth!

General Counselors 

General Counselors, normally college-age former campers, work under the supervision of the Group Leaders. They assist in direction, supervision, and organization of everyday activities.

Leaders in Training 

Our Youth Leadership Program is designed to teach and provide the appropriate skills to develop our oldest campers into future counselors. Youth Leaders will be working under the supervision of their program director as well as the Group Leaders. Assisting in everyday activities and learning the importance of camper safety and development. At no time will campers be alone with a Leader in Training.

Behind the Scenes

Camp Administration

The Camp Office is your place for all camper questions, weekly changes, program changes, billing questions, payments, and arrival & departure nuances. Reema operates the "command center" for all camp operations!

Health Office

A registered EMT or Athletic Trainer is on-site at all times. Camper medications should be labeled and given to the Health Office Director who will then pack a program-specific med bag for each program.

Pool Staff

The Pool Staff is composed of swim coaches, certified lifeguards and water safety instructors monitoring campers during their recreational swim and training campers during instructional and workout sessions.


How long is the camp day? Do you have early drop-off or extended day options? 

Camp runs Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. We do offer early drop off starting at 8 am and extended day going till 5:30 pm for an additional fee. 

What is the camper-to-counselor ratio?


How do I make changes to my campers’ schedule?

Changes can be made by calling the camp office, 914-273-8500.

How are campers grouped?

All campers are grouped based on age. After the Monday morning assessment, campers will be moved around based on skill level, so they are in a comfortable social environment as well as skilled.


SUNY Purchase is a sprawling 500 acre campus in the heart of Westchester County with state of the art facilities. Just minutes from the Greenwich border and 23 miles from Manhattan the campus is easily accessible from all major highways.

Address to this location is:
735 Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase NY 10577

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Online Store

Want to look good at camp??? 


We have over 140 high quality items that are available to buy - bags, jerseys, shorts, caps, water bottles and more!!!

All items delivered right to your door - join in the camp fun and be ready to go!




We do offer door-to-door transportation to Westchester, Greenwich and most of Manhattan. Buses are all air-conditioned and labeled with Future Stars insignia. Drivers are certified by the bus company and a camp counselor will be monitoring campers at all times.

Typical pick-up/drop-off times vary depending on your spot on the route. We will call the week before with your bus times, as the times change weekly. For campers that are spending an extended time on the bus, we do the best we can to reverse the route and make it fair to all and still efficient (in some cases this is not a possibility).

Local Transportation:
Pick-up times vary between 8:15 am and 8:45 am.
Drop-off times vary between 4:15 pm and 5:00 pm.

NYC Transportation:
Pick-up times vary between 7:30 am and 8:00 am (all buses should leave the city by 8:00 am).

Drop-off times vary between 4:45 pm and 5:30 pm.


The SUNY Purchase College Pool is an indoor pool, fully staffed with certified lifeguards. Campers will have the option of recreational swim each week. 

Campers will be given a Deep-Water Test overseen by a Water Safety Instructor. This test is done at the beginning of each session, campers don’t need to take it more than once unless they wish to try and move up a level.

Bands are given to each camper to signify where they are able to go in the pool. Campers are monitored by lifeguards as well as counselors actively in the water.

Winter Clinics and Camps

Taking Youth Sports to Another Level

Through these principles, Future Stars Overtime seeks to create a lasting impact on the lives of young athletes, shaping them not only into skilled competitors but also into responsible, resilient, and well-rounded individuals. Together, we are building a foundation for a future generation of leaders who excel in both their chosen sports and the game of life. Taking youth Sports to another level!!

Future Stars Overtime